Thursday, April 23, 2009

Working on a new site project

A life of a web designer and a web master is never easy, yet I find it to my liking, that despite of the disease (G.E.R.D. accompanied by Asthma attack)it brought me, I am still working on a new site project. Yes, to me, it's a pleasure to create new sites. This new site project is something about DK Country, short for Donkey Kong Country. A game that once became a hit on the SNES, and has also appeared on GBA and even on the latest game console - the Wii. It's too early to tell something about this site as it's still on its early "construction" stages, but expect it to contain some guides, walkthroughs, and some pretty cool infos regarding the DKC game series. It'll be covering DKC 1 to 3 so expect it to be huge.

Here's a peek at the site:

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